This is a sister site to rarerecordcollector.net, dedicated to the published works by Neil Priddey, avid record collector, graphic designer, photographer, lead guitarist in HFM and self-publisher.

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rarerecordcollector.net was established several years ago when I became incredibly frustrated at the mis-identification of various records I’d purchased from online and ‘bricks and mortar’ record shops. What I was led to believe was a ‘rare, first pressing’ Black Sabbath album turned out to be a later reissue, and this continually occurred during my collecting of rare vinyl.

I believed that sellers were either blissfully unaware of the variations between pressings, or (worse) deliberately misleading buyers into paying higher prices than they should be. This led to my online guide for various collectable labels, notably Vertigo Swirl, Charisma Pink Scroll, B&C Records, Neon, Harvest, Gull, Swan Song and many more – my passion is for classic rock, prog rock, heavy rock etc, which is why you won’t find jazz, classical, reggae, rock n roll style labels on my site. Sorry, it just ain’t my thing!

As time progressed, I developed the idea of writing a book on the subject, and with Charisma Pink Scroll being a relatively easy label to collect (there’s only around 30 LPs released on the pink scroll label) and therefore relatively affordable, I wrote my first book on Charisma in 2014.

Purple Records came next, and this time I delved a little deeper into the foundation of the label and managed to secure some fascinating and exclusive interviews with several of the original artists: Dave Curtiss of Curtiss Maldoon (these days he goes by his real name of Dave Atkins); Rupert Hine (legendary record producer) and his original collaborator on two LPs, David McIver; Buddy Bohn (these days known as Moro); and Deep Purple bassist and record producer Roger Glover.

One of my all-time favourite artists, Led Zeppelin, was the next topic. Zeppelin’s albums are highly collectable and can command enormous sums in some circumstances, they are also very commonly ‘mis-represented’ with regards to first pressings. Zeppelin quickly became a more daunting task than I’d realised, with research discovering more and more variants of each album as the book progressed. There are at least eleven variants of their debut album (three on ‘red/plum’ and eight on green/orange labels); the same again for Led Zeppelin II; around nine variants of LZ III and at least twelve versions of the fourth untitled album (five on red/plum alone – with possibly more versions out there!)

With Zeppelin finally completed and sent to publication, I turned my attentions to another favourite – Black Sabbath. I was delighted and highly privileged to meet two of the most influential people in Sabbath’s early success; the man who discovered them and managed them in their earliest days in Birmingham and the man who founded a record label and signed them to it – Jim Simpson and Olav Wyper respectively. They also happened to be two of the nicest and most helpful guys you could ever wish to meet.

Sabbath variations on Vertigo swirl were discovered and correctly identified (along with help from eagle-eyed fans of rarerecordcollector.net) for the first time and sent to print in the fourth book to be published.

Then, finally, the challenge of tackling the mighty Vertigo Swirl label was undertaken. With over 80 LPs released on the swirl label between 1969 and 1973, it was an almost impossible task to collate the necessary information into one volume – it would have ended up in excess of 500 pages and would have been prohibitively expensive to produce (and by the way, the printer/publisher sets the price due to the full colour print throughout!). So I split the label into two ‘halves’ and focused on the 1969-1971 period of the first 40 or so LPs, calling the book ‘Vertigo Swirl UK Discography Volume One’. Volume Two is currently in production and will be completed and on sale at the end of 2016…